Callahan Helped Bring Boyle & Stralman to Tampa

Apparently, revenge is a dish best served cold, as Ryan Callahan looks to have jumped at the first opportunity to burn his former team. According to Tampa GM Steve Yzerman, the former Rangers captain was solicited to provide useful information on Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman before the team decided to sign both his former teammates (TBO)…

“We got (Callahan’s) thoughts on them, make sure that what we see of them as players is correct and get the character reference and if they will fit into our locker room,’’ Yzerman said. “So, he was a wealth of information for us.’’

…i’m assuming Callahan didn’t show Yzerman this video of Boyle…

…although Callahan likely told Yzerman that Boyle would make for an amazing elf at the team’s Christmas party this year…


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