Callahan for St. Louis Insanity

Saturday night, Boomer Esiason dropped a bomb on Rangers fans which had us in full frenzy mode yesterday.

The WFAN morning show host, former NFL quarterback and crazed Rangers fan all but implied that Ryan Callahan will be traded to Tampa for Martin St. Louis.

And now this morning he finally acknowledged it on his radio show…

In response, the "real" journalists have decided to step in and put Boomer in place by reporting there's nothing to these rumors.

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says that Glen Sather has inquired about swapping Callahan for St. Louis, but Tampa GM Steve Yzerman (who initially snubbed St. Louis for Team Canada's Olympic roster) showed no interest in dealing his leading scorer in exchange for a rental.

Brooks adds that Sather, who is willing to offer Callahan a five year contract  for approximately $6 million per (perhaps a tad more), is not amenable to sending the required young pros, prospects and/or draft picks to the Lightning with his captain in order to acquire St. Louis, who has a full no-move clause in his contract that expires after next season.

Meanwhile, Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune added that he has no knowledge that a trade for St. Louis is in the works and feels that the rumor is nothing more than Sather trying to put pressure on Callahan camp.

…i was very happy to see Boomer finally admit what the rumor was this morning. I fully acknowledge that he has legit sources as he's nailed a few predictions recently (return of Avery, NHL lockout and Kevin Klein) and I truly feel that he's received sound information by one of those reliable informants, but reading through all his tweets yesterday it almost seemed like he was trolling Rangers fans. Why put us through this charade? It felt almost irresponsible yesterday.

…and boy, you have to love Brooks throwing himself in the middle of this insanity. It's beyond shameless how he loves to enter himself into any controversy. If he knew the Rangers have been involved with Tampa regarding St. Louis since January 7th, why hadn't he reported it in his Sunday gossip column when he normally loves to impress us with all his "inside" information.

…the one guy who makes the most sense here is the Tampa reporter. This could be one big ruse by Sather to plant this information in an attempt to get Callahan signed at a reasonable price. Boomer is a very respected voice among Rangers fans, so why not use him as the messenger. I wouldn't put anything past the Rangers GM.

…i'm sticking to my guns and saying both Callahan and Girardi end up extended.

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