Rangers Bryant Park Viewing Party Was Nuts Last Night

While I watched last night’s Game 1 from the comforts of my den, thousands of die hard Rangers fans descended on Bryant Park in Manhattan for a viewing party and this is what went down…




…nope, New York isn’t a hockey town.

 …back in 1994, the Rangers held the Stanley Cup viewing parties in the Garden and we watched on the Jumbotron. Whenever the Rangers scored, everyone in the stands jumped into the main aisle that went around the entire arena and would do laps for about 10 minutes. It was glorious.

…the scenes from the viewing party last night looked just as memorable for those in attendance. You know, other than the Rangers losing and all.

…if you were at Bryant park last night, definitely leave your experience, as well as any pics, in the comments section.

H/T to Puck Daddy for Instagram vids.


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