Bruins 6, Rangers 3

New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist reacts after being scored on by Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic during the third period of the NHL hockey game Sunday, March 2, 2014, in New York. The Bruins beat the Rangers 6-3

The New York Rangers (33-26-3) lost to the Boston Bruins (38-17-5) by the score of 6-3, last night. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…last night was the perfect example of how toughness and physicality can change momentum. The Rangers were absolutely flying to start the game. Up and down the ice. Stretch passes through the neutral zone triggering odd man breaks. They were dictating the play and led 1-0. Then Jerome Iginla had enough. In an attempt to fire up his team, he absolutely abused Staal in front of the Rangers net after the whistle, which obviously worked as on the next shift Lucic man-handled two Rangers in the corner for the puck and two seconds later Iginla found the back of the net. The Rangers had no response and weren't the same from that point on.

…remember when Lundqvist was the best goaltender on the ice every night? Not so much anymore.

…the defense has led the way for the Rangers during their mid season resurgence, but time after time last night they lost their man or lost position on their man leading to scoring chance after scoring chance which Boston didn't miss on.

…if the Rangers win I'm drooling over JT Miller's game last night, but they lost which leaves me wondering if he could have just buried another one of those chances would this have been a different game. Plus, what the hell was he doing defensively on Iginla's goal? Having said that, his breakaway move on Rask was so good he also faked the backup goaltender out of his jock.

…Rangers proving they can lose games with Callahan, maybe it's time to see if they can win without him.

…Richards really isn't making a case not to be bought out, is he?

…Girardi is fearless when it comes to blocking shots, but once game gets physical he wants no part of it.

…i've been a huge Carcillo fans since his acquisition, but he's been borderline embarrassing the last two games as he's turned down fights against Rinaldo and Thornton, but then fights Krug?

…ok, for everyone ready to jump ship here's some stats about the Rangers remaining schedule sent to me from reader Jeremy. Of the 20 games they have left, 14 are against teams below them in the standings, while just six are ahead. Plus, they only have one game remaining against a top five team (Colorado) compared to three versus the bottom five. Currently in the playoffs, with a beneficial schedule = no need to panic. At least not yet.

…couple of days off to lick their wounds before Maple Leafs come to town on Wednesday.


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