Brodeur Cries About Ice After Being Pulled at Yankee Stadium

Whether it's not shaking Sean Avery's hand in the post series hand shake in the  2008 playoffs or banging his sister-in-law, we're all aware of Martin Brodeur's lack of class.

So, it's no surprise that after giving up six goals in two periods that led to him being pulled during the second intermission of yesterday's Yankee Stadium game, he decided to blame everything but himself for his poor performance (via New York Post)…

“It was so bright, and even for the quality of the ice — even though it was the worst ice I’ve ever played hockey on — you went from the shadow to the sun, it was almost a 10-degree difference. It was unbelievable.”

I don't know Marty, the ice looked pretty good on these two goals by Mats Zuccarello…

…i'm assuming Brodeur has been playing hockey indoors since he was a kid, so the ice surface at Yankee Stadium could very well have been the worst he's ever played on, but man that seemed like sour grapes. The NHL ice makers probably busted their ass all week to get that ice ready for yesterday. Way to take a nice heaping dump on them Marty.

…five of the six goals against Brodeur absolutely took bad bounces, so if he wanted to say puck luck wasn't on their side, I'd have no problem with it. But none of those five goals were the direct result of adverse ice conditions.

And as if using the ice as a scapegoat wasn't enough, Brodeur then decided to blame the cold for good measure…

"In a game like that there's no feeling to it as far as for goalies. I'm sure Hank will say the same thing. You rely a lot on instinct, noise and stuff like that. I just had zero feeling. I can't close my glove. Can't catch a puck. Everything was frozen. The puck hits you, it's tough. When it hits you, it's fun. When it doesn't, not as fun."

…actually Marty, Lundqvist didn't say the same thing after the game. Neither did the guy who deserved to start the game for the Devils who literally came off the bench cold to cleanup your mess.

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