Brassard Wants To Remain A Ranger For A Long Time (Brassard Asking for $4.95M Per)

Update, 11:01 a.m.:

Pre-Brassard arbitration hearing proposals:

…while being over $1M apart is never a good thing, I love that Brassard’s number isn’t above $5M. How about four years at $4.4M per? Would leave the Rangers with around $2.6M to re-sign Moore and possibly another depth forward.

…#carcilloeffect is that much closer to returning home!!!!

Brassard’s hearing is on Monday.

Original Post:
The Rangers have been able to avoid arbitration with both Chris Kreider and Mats Zuccarello, but they still have “one more hill to climb, baby!”

And that hill is Derick Brassard. Whether both sides hammer out a last minute long term deal or go in front of a judge, the 26-year old will be back in the fold no matter what.

However, according to Pat Leonard at the Daily News, Brassard’s tone during Dominic Moore’s charity ping pong tournament Thursday night was of a man who “loves playing for the Rangers and wishes to do so for a long time.”

Here’s the center iceman on wanting to get back to New York and begin preparing for another run at the Stanley Cup…

“Just this week I was thinking about how excited I am about going back to New York and playing again. It’s great to see friends and spend time with family in the summer, but after the run we had, I just feel like I want to play again. I want to do this again.”

…i guess the next few days will tell us how excited he truly is. He can either make this easy and sign a four-year, $20.8 million ($5.2 million per) deal that’ll keep him in New York for the prime of his career or he can become the latest athlete more concerned about milking every dollar out of a franchise by signing a one-year, stop gap contract to position himself for a big pay day next offseason when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

…i know most Rangers fans get sick to their stomach processing the thought of a player who’s never cracked the 50-point barrier in his career being offered a $5+ million per year contract. However, while I agree Brassard isn’t close to being worth that kind of money right now, he’s just entering the prime of his career and has been trending upward since being traded to the Rangers. With the salary cap and contracts for center icemen likely to rise faster than the seas due to global warming, we’ll be looking at that kind of cap hit as a bargain basement deal in two years.

…and while Brassard’s regular season numbers have been average at best during his career, his 24 (8g, 16a) points in 36 postseason games as a Ranger cannot be ignored as he comes to play when the lights shine brightest.

BTW, Moore’s Smashfest fundraiser, sort of did an amazing job raising money…


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