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Brassard Could Get $5.6M Per Contract; Door Not Closed on Carcillo

Now that Chris Kreider and Mats Zuccarello are back in the fold with relatively cheap contracts, it’s anticipated that Sather might be getting ready to dole out some big money with the re-signing of Derrick Brassard as Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that a long-term deal for the center iceman is likely to come with a cap hit in the neighborhood of $5.2 million to $5.6 million per season.

Brooks adds that if the parties can’t agree on a multi-year contract and go to arbitration on Monday, a one-year award would likely be closer to $4.5 million.

At this point the Rangers have around $7 million in cap space to sign Brassard and John Moore.

…just because the Kreider and Zuccarello deals have given Sather some cap  flexibility doesn’t mean he needs to give it all back with one signing. I like Brassard and think he was an integral part of the Rangers and the “third line’s” success last season, but no way he should be approaching $6M per year. I mean, Joe Pavelski makes $6 million per year. Brassard is not in the same ballpark as him. Especially as a RFA.

…however, the problem with signing Brassard to a one-year contract is that he’d become an unrestricted free agent next season. With the Rangers already having to deal with Zuccarello, Staal, Stepan, St. Louis and Hagelin during the summer of 2015, the last thing Sather needs on his plate is the added dilemma of the free agent market dictating Brassard IS worth over $6M as a UFA.

With the Rangers likely to have around $1.5 million remaining after the Brassard and Moore signings they would still have the ability to bring in another depth forward.

Brooks notes that while there are no plans at the moment to re-sign Dan Carcillo, the door has not been closed on the possibility.

…BOOM!!!!!!! #carcilloeffect.



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