Bourque Just Officially Ensured A Lundqvist Shutout In Game 6

Henrik Lundqvist is probably the fiercest competitor I’ve ever witnessed. While every professional athlete hates to lose, Lundqvist takes it to another level. He takes every goal personally to the point that Rangers players say he gets furious after being scored on in practice (not a game, not a game, we talkin’ bout practice), so you can imagine how much he was seething after being pulling from last night’s contest.

However, one thing you can count on from Lundqvist is that he’ll practice hard today to get things right and will be prepared for Game 6. But just in case The King needed some extra motivation, Rene Bourque provided it after last night’s Canadiens victory…

“Everyone talks about…(Lundqvist’s) a great goalie. Has he been better than (Tokarski) this series? I don’t think so.”

…not that Lundqvist needs bulletin board material, but this quote better be waiting for him in his locker room stall this morning. Seriously, does the arrogance of this organization ever stop? Bourque’s rant actually sounded like it was going to be worse, but he caught himself initially.

…Lundqvist was obviously not at his best last night, but Tokarski was as bad, if not worse. I mean, seriously?…


…while Rangers fans are likely not Bourque fans after his hat trick last night, I have a feeling we’ll all be sending him thank you notes after Game 6.

Here’s video of Bourque’s quote…


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