Blaming Smaller Pads for Hank’s Struggles “Ignorant”

Apparently, the new Olympic pads that Henrik Lundqvist will be wearing in Sochi do in fact comply with NHL regulations, despite IIHF and IOC rules permitting him to play with larger-sized equipment.

Lundqvist told Larry Brooks at the New York Post that he prefers the smaller equipment as he's able to move more easily.

…i'm not sure if it's the angle of the below picture or because the Olympic pads haven't been broken in yet, but the blue and yellow pads definitely seem much taller in this pic (via Lundqvist Twitter)…

Lundqvist also had a message for those so-called experts who blamed his early season struggles due to an adjustment periond with the reduced pad size…

“The people who said that the pads were the reason I was not playing well, or said I’d been good before because I’d been cheating, maybe I’d care if they weren’t ignorant about the game and the position,” Lundqvist told The Post.

“You close your pads at the knees, not at the tops. The way I play, staying back and then moving across, the change has actually helped me.”

…hmmmmm, I wonder what fat, sister-in-law stealing, Yankee Stadium ice complaining Devils goaltender Lundqvist is talking about. For the answer, click here. Way to stand up for yourself, Hank!

…to be honest, I don't care why Lundqvist played so poorly earlier this season as long has he's hot now. It's no coincidence that the Rangers finally began to turn the season around once Lundqvist started to get into a groove. Since the first time he stepped on the ice in a Rangers uniform he's been the life blood of this team, which is why any success this season and beyond will be in large part to Lundqvist's heroics.

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