Los Angeles at Chicago, Game 5

Blackhawks/Kings Game 6 Open Thread

Obviously a huge interest in tonight’s game for Rangers fans. The Kings are in a very similar situation as the Rangers were last night. The last thing they want is for this series to go back to Chicago. Expect a spirited effort from LA.

Obviously, I’m rooting for the Blackhawks and multiple overtimes tonight to draw this series out and cut down on any additional rest the Kings would receive by winning.

And while I think either team would be a tall order for our Blueshirts, I’d rather play the Blackhawks for one reason and one reason only…no Jonathan Quick. The Kings goaltender would neutralize the Rangers biggest strength which is Henrik Lundqvist. While Corey Crawford has a Stanley Cup under his belt, he can still be shaky between the pipes.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s Game 6…


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