Alex Burrows Receiving Death Threats for McDonagh Hit

If the title of this article is a bit jarring to you, then read the following tweet provided by Iain MacIntyre of the Vancouver Sun who recently spoke to Alex Burrows about the incident from Rangers/Canucks game Tuesday night:

Listen, I’m not a fan of Burrows or his hit on McDonagh from that game. I received my own grief on Twitter for my objective opinion on the play. (Hit could’ve been avoided, Burrows has a rep, felt he needed supplemental discipline etc.)

The beautiful thing about our society is we’re allowed to have opinions, debate them and move on to the next hot-button topic. Attacking Burrows by saying you’ll kill his family and want him to die?

Beyond unacceptable.

Rangers fans are known to be some of the passionate in all of sports, but this goes way over that line. McDonagh looks to have dodged a major bullet and won’t be out long with an injury. That doesn’t excuse the fan base for acting like blood-thirsty pack animals. Remember: it is only a game.

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