Zucc on Richards Line; Gabby to 4th Line; Biron to Start in Montreal

From the Rangers short practice this morning before hopping on a short flight to Montreal, Pat Leonard at the Daily News reports these lines…


Asham, Powe, Gilroy were the extras.

…so, Torts' solution to the Rangers struggles is to make the third line worse by adding a player who's not capable of scoring, while making the fourth line worst by adding a player who's not capable of playing defense. Got it!

…seriously, what is Gaborik doing on the fourth line? How does that help the team?!?!?! I would rather Torts put him in the press box, because at least then the fourth line would have a chance at succeeding.

…and how is Pyatt still in the line-up? I'd love to get an explanation from Torts.

…i've been down on Asham all year, but he has be on the ice tomorrow. Why? To get revenge on Pacioretty for his hit from behind on McDonagh. While I have no faith it'll happen, I really think it could be the spark this team desperately needs.

…on a positive note, I'm a fan of putting Zuccarello with Richards and Kreider. I think that line has the potential to be dangerous.

Meanwhile, Steve Zipay at Newsday says Marty Biron was the first goaltender off the ice and will likely get the start in Montreal tomorrow.

…why not? Nothing else has been working.

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