Will Nash’s Actions Inspire Team?

After being disgusted by the Rangers downright refusal to stick-up for each other last season, it was a welcome change to see Rick Nash do this last night…


Having said that, other than Henrik Lundqvist, Nash is the absolute last guy I want to see taking off his gloves and punching an opponent in the helmet.

And I'm not going to blame Dorsett or anyone else you think should be retaliating instead of Nash, because they weren't on the ice, but the Rangers lack of a true enforcer allows opponents to take liberties with the Rangers star players without worry of any real retribution. When the Rangers had guys like Rupp, Prust and Dubinsky patrolling the ice, opponents knew there would be repercussions for their actions. See here:


Listen, I had my issues with Rupp, but that's how you send a message. It not only fires up a team, but ultimately brings them closer.

My hope here is that the action Nash took last night inspires the rest of the team to take on that same mentality, so that the next time an opponent takes a run at a teammate, someone other than the Rangers best offensive player has to do the dirty work.

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