Why Was McDonagh’s Fateful Final Shift 3 Minutes & 4 Seconds Long?

An average shift in the NHL is usually anywhere between 45-60 seconds. So when Ryan McDonagh was out there for a three minute and four second marathon shift in overtime, I guess we can all understand why his clearing attempt was off the mark leading to a delay of game penalty that eventually cost the Rangers the game.

But now the question is, why the heck was he out there so long? Katie Carrera at the Washington Post breaks it down…

"McDonagh’s never-ending shift started with 4:05 gone in overtime and the Capitals’ top line pressing for a goal. The Capitals’ second line of Martin Erat, Mike Ribeiro and Brouwer extended the time in the offensive zone, forcing New York to ice the puck. A fresh third unit of Perreault, Chimera and Fehr took over, churning through another shift in the Rangers’ end until Lundqvist froze the puck.

When Alex Ovechkin, Backstrom and Johansson emerged from the bench for the faceoff, McDonagh, whom Rangers Coach John Tortorella matches against the opponent’s top line, remained on the ice. Washington’s stars executed another dominant shift with three shots on goal until McDonagh shot the puck over the glass on a clearing attempt."

John Tortorella did take a timeout after the Rangers iced the puck.

…listen, I get that there was a timeout thrown in there and Torts wants either or both McD or Girardi on the ice against Ovechkin. But sometimes when you're on the road you can't get the match-up you want and you have to trust the other players on your team to get the job done. You don't leave a guy on the ice for a three plus minute shift. You'd think Torts would have learned from burning his key players out in last year's playoffs. I guess not.

So how did McDonagh take his late game gaffe? Not very well as John Giannone reported on the MSG post game that he's never seen a player so upset or emotionally involved after a game and that McDonagh had to go to the trainers room to gain his composure before speaking to the media.

Here's said interview…

To watch at Blueshirts United, click here.

…there's no crying in hockey. Sorry I had to.

…in all seriousness, after watching this, if McDonagh's teamates don't do everything they can to try and pick him up tomorrow night they deserve to be swept in this series. Just when I thought my opinion of McDonagh couldn't get any higher, to see how distraught he was after this game and how much winning means to the Rangers defenseman just elevated him to another level.

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