Why Not Us?

It's official, I'm addicted to the Rangers. Yesterday, I was like an alcoholic swearing off booze the morning after my beer goggles failed me yet again. I was done with the Blueshirts. But apparently 24 hours of wretched Rangers withdrawals wasn't enough, as, like the alcoholic I mentioned, I'm officially back off the wagon and feeling good about the Rangers chances of becoming a part of NHL lore.

In the history of the NHL, only three teams have comeback from an 0-3 deficit, so I figured I'd get some good karma going on the blog today with some video of each one…

1942 Maple Leafs…


1975 Islanders…


…i promise this'll be the last time you ever see anything positive about the Islanders on the blog.


…ditto for the Flyers. Although this video was pretty good.

…the Rangers have given us absolutely no reason to believe they're going to be the fourth team to overcome this seemingly insurmountable deficit, but I'm assuming the Maple Leafs, Islanders and Flyers fan bases felt the exact same way after they're team went down 0-3 as well.

…the reason I still have a sliver of faith this Rangers team can come back and win this series can be summed up in two words "Henrik" "Lundqvist."

…so hey, why not us?

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