Why Nash Wasn’t Suspended

NHL Department of Player Safety chief Brendan Shanahan spoke with Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy about why Rick Nash wasn't suspended for his high hit on Tomas Kopecky Thursday night ..

“We don’t see this as being principal point of contact to the head. For a fact, we don’t see much contact to the head at all,” said Shanahan.

“On the Florida feed, when you slow it down, you see Kopecky’s back right shoulder is the initial point of contact. If you slow it down even further, you see the back right shoulder and the nameplate aren’t just the initial point of contact, but the principal point of contact.”

Shanahan also addressed Nash leaving his feet…

“The commentators have too much of a fascination with ‘did you leave his feet?’ We don’t suspend for leaving your feet. We suspend for leaving your feet and hitting a guy in the head violently,” he said.

…ummmmm, Brendan? Isn't that exactly what happened? I'm sorry, I love Nash, but he launched himself at Kopecky's head. Period. End of story.

…these kind of hits will never be taken out of the game until the league start handing out serious punishments. Disgraceful.

Shanahan adds that he didn't like the hit and it should have been either a two or five minute penalty. Nash was not penalized on the play.

Here's video of Shanahan's explanation…

Here's the video of the hit…

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