Where the Rangers Goals Are Coming From

Over at Capitals Blog Japers' Rink they posted this interesting chart of where all the goals from the series have come from on the ice…

Obviously the blue circles are Rangers goals and the red Capital tallies. The circles with the line in between indicate goals that were tipped in.

I guess the Rangers scouting report should say shoot the puck on the right wing. Took about an uneven distribution.

Would also be nice to see a Blueshirts goal come from the point. You guys remember what a goal from the point looks like right? You know, that thing we haven't seen since Leetch roamed the blueline.

Although, it is nice to see that all the Rangers goals are coming from around the crease. Shows that they've been willing to get in the dirty areas to score.

I think this chart also proves that the Rangers need to do a better job challenging the Capitals at the point. I know the Blueshirts system has them either collaping to the net when the puck is down low or clogging the middle to block shots, but way too often in this series guys like Mike Green have been given a ridiculous amount of time to bomb away from up top. Hoping that Torts is able to rectify this moving forward in the series.

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