Where’s The Offense?

Not sure how it's possible for a team to be dependent on a player who's scored just three goals in 14 games this season, but that's just what's happened to the Rangers.

In the three games since Rick Nash was injured, Rangers forwards have scored exactly one goal (Ryan Callahan). That's right, in the last nine periods, one goal from Rangers forwards. Just let that sink in for a second.

The Rangers offensive futility has them dead last in the Eastern Conference in goals scored with just 41. Tampa leads the Conference with 69 goals.

They're also tied for 28th in the league with a miniscule seven power play goals.

So who are the biggest offenders for the Rangers? Enjoy…

Brad Richards – 0 goals in his last 12 games

Marian Gaborik – 1 goal in his last seven games

Ryan Callahan – 1 goal in his last six games

Taylor Pyatt – 0 goals in his last 13 games

Chris Kreider – 1 goals in 10 games this season

Brian Boyle – 0 goals in 14 games this season

Jeff Halpern – 0 goals in 17 games this season

Michael Del Zotto – 0 goals in his last 10 games

Marc Staal – 0 goals in this last 13 games

Matt Gilroy – 0 goals in 11 games this season

…wow, that's ugly folks. And before everyone argues about how Nash has been out of the line-up, the Rangers ended last season 11th in goals scored without the big guy. And of the 222 goals scored last year how many do you think were from Dubinsky, Anisimov, Prust, and Mitchell? Not many. So even with the Nash injury the Rangers have virtually all their goal scoring back from last season.

…so what does this all mean? It means that not having Nash in the line-up is no excuse for this embarrassing display offensive futility. They did it without him last year and they should be able to do it without him this year.

…the trick now is to get these guys believing in themselves again, because their offensive confidence is shot. And the way they do that is by putting pressure on opposing defenses through a relentless forecheck and cycling with the puck. Getting a guy to the front of the net would be nice also.

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