Whatever Happened to That Clowe Guy the Rangers Traded For?

Since exploding onto the scene in his Rangers debut with 2g and 1a, Ryane Clowe has had exactly one assist in the six games since.

Now in Clowe's defense, his effectiveness cannot and should not be based entirely on stats. His toughness and physicality are integral parts of his game as well.

Unfortunately, he hasn't done much of that lately either has he's combined for just four hits and no fights in the last two games.

He's supposed to be notorious for sticking up for teammates, but when Claude Giroux nailed Derek Stepan with a dirty elbow to the head on Tuesday night, nothing.

So what the heck happened? Was that first game just him playing on adreneline and we're now seeing the player that the Sharks were so desperate to trade?

Or could it be that John Tortorella has gotten him to buy into his new "fighting and standing up for your teammates is bad" game plan this season.

And you really can't blame Glen Sather for making the trade for Clowe. I mean, who would have figured a guy who had zero goals in 28 games with the Sharks wouldn't be scoring?

Either way, if the Rangers want any chance of making the playoffs, Clowe has to get back to his aggressive style of play and get back to it quickly. As in tonight vs. the Panthers.

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