What The Hell Happened to Rask?

It was 2-0 nothing Bruins. The Rangers had no life, no heart and no passion. And then Tuukka Rask pretty much single handedly gave the Rangers a spark that Blueshirt fans have been begging for all series…


Here's Rask on what happened (via Daily News)…

“I just took a step to the side and what I think there was probably a skate mark or something and my skate dug in it. That’s what it felt like. I lost my balance and the rest is history. It happens to me twice a year in practice, maybe. . . . Just a tough, tough mistake. It looks pretty bad on TV, I bet.”

…i never want to hear a Rangers fan complain about the ice at MSG ever again.

Here's Henrik Lundqvist on the importance of the goal (via ESPN.com)…

“We gained a lot of energy and confidence after that. And the game changed. It really did.”

…more baffling than the actual tumble, was Rask inexplicably pulling his goal stick away from the puck to try and stab at it with the blade instead of just calmly laying the shaft of the stick down and easily blocking the puck from going over the goal line.

…if the Rangers somehow come back and win this series, this goal will be revered as the turning point of the series as the Rangers were dead in the water until this gaffe.

…the win obviously masks what was another inexcusably lackluster start for the Rangers, so I have to question how this team can, again, come out so flat in a do or die game. Let's hope this win inspires them to great things moving forward.

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