What the Hell Got Into Brad Richards?

In a wild scene at the end of the Rangers 3-2 victory over the Islanders last night, we witnessed the normally stoic Brad Richards lose his cool on Cal Clutterbuck…


Richards explains what happened here…

"I saw someone grab Hags. I got punched in the head, I think. You just react to those situations. At the end of the game, with .07 seconds left, you had to put money on something stupid like that happening because that's the way it is with the Rangers and Islanders. Just so happens I was in the middle of it."

…i joked around last night that Clutterbuck likely said something to Richards about Olivia Munn, but man the Rangers alternate captain was fired up.

…i loved that he was coming to the defense of Hagelin, which is something that has happened too far and few in between with this team. Hopefully it's a sign of this team finally coming together. Slowly getting there folks.

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