What’s So Great About Ryane Clowe?

Ok, I've held off on this long enough. One name I've seen thrown around this blog with regularity lately is San Jose's Ryane Clowe.

I've heard plenty of you, especially his agent "slapshot13j", tell me how he's "perfect for Torts' system" and even compare him to Ryan Callahan.

And if all your chatter wasn't enough, I have to see TheNYRBlog's favorite rumor monger Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun tweet this…

In what is the final year of his contract that pays him $3.625 million this season, Clowe has yet to score a single goal, while adding just nine assists.

The 30-year old Clowe, who is currently suffering from a shoulder injury, has seen his points reduced drastically the last couple of years from 62 (24g, 38a) in 2010-11 to 45 (17g, 28a) last year and now just nine in 25 games this season.

…so wait, the guy everyone is drooling over has shoulder issues, zero goals this season, three years of declining point totals, an expiring contract that would allow him to sign elsewhere this offseason and according to most reports would require a big package to get? Yeah, sounds awesome. Why don't the Rangers just offer JT Miller and a first round pick for him? (sarcasm folks, sarcasm).

…or how about Gaborik and Richards for Dan Boyle and Clowe? (yet again sarcasm)

…what concerns me the most about Clowe is his declining point totals. You have to wonder if at age 30 his physical game isn't finally catching up to him. If he's not able to use his body effectively he will not be a productive player.

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