Welcome Back Brandon Prust!

Tonight marks Brandon Prust's return to MSG for the first time since signing a 4-year, $10 million contract with the Canadiens this past offseason.

Prust was an all heart player, who thrived in John Tortorella's forechecking system and obviously became a fan favorite instantly.

67% of TheNYRBlog readers feel Prust doesn't deserve a tribute video before the game tonight. So how will I mark Prust's return? With a tribute video of course…

…i've seen a lot of Rangers fans blame management for not bringing Prust back this season. But I'm sorry, there's no way the Rangers should of outbid Montreal's already ridiculous offer for a fourth line player.

…i also don't fault Prust. Guys who play his style of game don't last in the NHL very long, so he might as well take the money while he can get it. No one should be criticized here. It just didn't work out.

…it would be nice to have had him back on the team though.

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