Was Waiving Biron, Asham Done to Send a Message?

When I look up and down the Rangers roster, I see at least 10 different players more responsible for the Rangers horrific start to the season than Marty Biron and Arron Asham, who were both placed on waivers yesterday.

Did they both have a hand in it? Absolutely, but I don't think either can legitimately be pointed to as the problem with this team.

So why was it done? To me, there was no reason other than to send a message to the team that their performance up until this point is unacceptable, while actually doing very little to change the make-up of the line-up.

Yes, Biron and Asham were popular guys in the locker room, but, really, how big of an impact will losing them actually have on the success of the Rangers going forward. Not much in my opinion.

This was a low risk, high reward move that will hopefully serve as a wake-up call for the players.

While Alain Vigneault says the decision was performance based and not necessarily a move to send waves through the locker room, I think that's exactly what it was. And if this was the Rangers head coach's doing, I give him full marks for not accepting mediocrity, while establishing some accountability with this team. Easily the most impressive decision made by AV in his early tenure. Bravo.

Here's AV's entire post practice presser…

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