Wait, Avery’s Now Engaged to a Woman?

Page Six at the New York Post is reporting that Sean Avery recently got engaged to long time model girlfriend Hilary Rhoda.

Avery has been dating the Estee Lauder model on and off for three years and most recently reconciled last May after months of separation.

Back in September, there was a rumor that Avery was engaged to Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen.

Cohen denied the engagement, but says he would love to "bang" Avery.

Avery is currently between jobs, having left the Lipman Agency just before the fashion advertising house was shutdown.

…so does this mean Rhoda is marrying Andy Cohen's sloppy seconds?

…hmmmm, since Avery isn't doing anything, I wonder if Sather would be interested in giving the super pest a tryout. C'mon, think about how much more entertaining last night's Rangers/Devils game would have been with him in the lineup.

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