Vigneault Is the Guy

Welp, it looks like Alain Vigneault's flight to New York yesterday was to meet with James Dolan and I guess it was an effective meeting as apparently the former Canucks coach turned down a significant offer from the Dallas Stars after interviewing with the Rangers owner. He is now considered the hands down favorite for the position.

Here's some more on Vigneault.

…those Dolans can be persuasive. I mean look at how he's convinced us fans to spend ridiculous amounts of money on tickets and concessions. Dolan probably called the Stars before the meeting to tell them to put their money back in their pocket because Vigneault was about to become the next Rangers head coach.

…if Sather wanted the anti-Torts, then he got it. I think the players are going to be very happy with this hire as Vigneault is a stark contrast to the in your face style of Tortorella. Vigneault is known as a guy who lets the team police itself, so Callahan is really going to have to more of a vocal leader instead of one who leads by example.

…Vigneault obviously did an outstanding job of getting the most out of his star players in Vancouver, the hope in New York will be that he can do the same with Nash, Stepan and Kreider.

…my one criticism is that Vigneault was not able to lead the Canucks to a Stanley Cup with all that talent. Yes, he did guide them to Game 7 of the Finals, but they lost that game on home ice, which to me is unacceptable. And what about the six other seasons in Vancouver? Or the four before that in Montreal? He didn't even sniff the Finals. For his sake, I hope the issue in Vancouver was with the lack of clutch goaltending, which we all know won't be a problem with the Rangers.

…should also be interesting to see who he brings in as assistant coaches. Will he have final say? Or will Sather ask him to consider Messier and/or Leetch? Something to keep an eye on.

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