Vigneault In Final Process of Face-to-Face Player Interviews

In an interview with Jim Cerny at Blueshirts United, Alain Vigneault says that he is in the final stages of conducting face-to-face interviews with the Rangers players.

Here's Vigneault on what his message will be to the team when he meets with them for the first time…

"Clean slate. Everyone's got a clean slate. Grab it. You can decide what you want written on that slate. It's blank. Now it's up to you to go on the ice and perform."

…i eff'n love that quote!!!! Assuming guys like Richards, Pyatt and Kreider will as well.

Here's the rest of Vigneault's interview…

To watch at Blueshirts United, click here.

…just listening to AV talk about how he and the staff have already planned out the entire training camp, exhibition season and regular season really gives some insight into how thorough this guy is. Between this and the advanced stats that he's known to use, it seems like he's the kind of coach that leaves no stone unturned when preparing for a game. One thing's for sure, these players will have an extensive and detailed game plan going into every contest. Now the issue will be if he can get the team to implement that plan.

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