Vigneault: If You Want to Score Goals You’ve Got To Go To The Net

Alain Vigneault has been putting smiles on the faces of Rangers players (except Biron) and fans with the positive vibe he's implemented in camp, but nothing made me happier than hearing him say this yesterday (via Bergen Record)…

“Today was less about system and more getting our guys into a couple of principles that I feel are important. Driving the net. It’s a tough league to score goals. If you want to score goals you’ve got to go to the net and be willing to stop in front of the net and somtimes pay a heavy price to be there. If you notice on a lot of the drills we had a lot of guys driving to the net hard, stopping in front of that net, throwing pucks at the goaltender. A lot of times that little shot in his feet is as good as a direct pass. Those were some of the principles we were trying to instill when you talk about our play with the puck."

…Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rangers fans have been screaming for the Rangers to get bodies to the net for years. You'd think the Blueshirts were allergic to the blue paint in the crease they went to the net so infrequently under Torts.

…it's been beyond frustrating over years watching opposing goaltenders gobble pucks up from the point without a single obstacle in their way. Meanwhile, on the other end, Lundqvist is bumped more than a volleyball on Hermosa Beach.

…getting big bodies such as Nash, Boyle and Pyatt to the net should immediately increase scoring. Very excited to hear this.

Speaking of getting Nash to the net, apparently that's going to be Scott Arniel's strategy for the Rangers power play this season…

“We’re going to try to get (Nash) in the best place possible and more than likely that’s somewhere out in front of that net, whether it’s in that high slot or the front of the net area. He’s got one of the best quick releases in the game and he’s a big man and he knows how to protect the puck and keep it away from people."

…putting your best player in a position to succeed? How novel. I wonder if Arniel had to remind Nash where the slot was it's been so long since he's been there.

…just reading these two quotes makes me wonder what the hell Torts was teaching these guys on offense the last five years.

Here's Nash on his excitement level being able to play in a much more up tempo offensive system under AV…

To watch at Blueshirts United, click here.

…while we caught a glimpse of Nash's all world talent last season, I think under AV we're going to be in for some treat this year. I fully expect my jaw to drop at least three times a week. 35 goals for Nash should be a given.

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