Vigneault Hints At Change In Personnel As Team Holds Closed Door Meeting

After last night's disgraceful, disgusting effort by the Rangers, the team held a closed door meeting to address the current battle level, but coach Alain Vigneault says talk is cheap…

"You can talk all you want, but you need to have those words become actions on the ice. We can talk all we want behind closed doors, but it's on the 200 by 85 that things are decided."

He then seemed to indicate that a change may be coming…

"With the personnel we have right now, we need to play a smart, high-percentage, good puck-movement game. If we can do that, we can be very effective, That's the type of personnel we have at this time."

…hmmmmm, the "personnel we have RIGHT NOW." Hmmmmm. I wonder if AV was trying to be cryptic that some kind of move is coming or he was again calling out his current roster.

…either way, this team needs a Sean Avery type shakeup in the locker room and on the ice. The players have become too comfortable and too tolerant of what's become a mediocre effort. I've said it numerous times on this blog, but whatever Vigneault is selling, this team ain't buying. So I think some kind of wildcard needs to be thrown into the mix. Who or what that wild card is, I don't know, but this organization needs to figure it out and figure it out quickly.

…where's the grit? The passion? The fight? It's like night of the living dead on the ice most nights from this disinterested group. It infuriates me beyond belief that in a year in a half, Glen Sather turned one of the most beloved Rangers teams in the history of the franchise, who played the game "the right way," into this pathetic bunch.

…these guys get paid a lot of money to play a game we all love, and it's insulting that we can't get a better, more consistent effort on a gamely basis. There's more than enough skill in the locker room to be above a .500 team, which only proves this team lacks the proper heart and character to get the job done. Disgraceful.

And the lack of excitement on the ice has transferred into the crowd at MSG, which has been equally as subdued this season, which Capitals head coach Adam Oates took note of last night (via Daily News)…

 "The place was kind of quiet, which is always a good feeling on the road."

Ryan McDonagh feels that's on the team (via…

"The crowd had nothing to stand for tonight. And that's something we're ashamed of."

…remember the "Can You Hear Us" moment back in the 2011 (started on this blog BTW)…

…now the only thing you hear at MSG are the sounds of the suits text messaging in the expensive seats.

…not only have the Rangers become an easy team to play against, MSG has become an easy place for opponents to play.

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