Vigneault Getting Frustrated?

For a guy who was supposed to come in and more or less be a players coach, Alain Vigneault has definitely made some waves his first few months as Rangers head coach, as a day after sitting his star goaltender for the second straight game, he called out the Rangers core group of players (via Bergen Record)…

"If we are going to get some traction and get past that .500 level, we need our top players to consistently play like top players," said Vigneault. "Not a period in, a period out. Not a game in, a game out. We need that core group, the leaders of this group, to perform accordingly.

"We have not done that on a consistent basis," Vigneault added. "Just look at our lineup, look at our core group and look at our key guys. There’s the answer."

Watch Vigneault's full comments here.

…how ironic is it that disrespecting players in the media was one of the biggest gripes against Torts (see Hagelin stinks on the power play), meanwhile, his replacement has called out Lundqvist, Pouliot and now the core of the Rangers publicly in his first three months on the job.

…having said that, I do like that AV is holding these guys accountable. One of my main complains regarding AV has been his benign coaching style, which seems to be rubbing off on the players in the form of uninspired play. Would like to see a little more passion from the head guy.

…you can tell that Vigneault is getting frustrated with his team's offensive shortcomings. Sorry Alain, there's no Sedin twins or Keslers in this group. I'm becoming increasingly concerned that AV is coming to the same realization that Torts did – this team doesn't have the personnel to win using his offensive scheme.

…something I also realized the last two days is that Vigneault seems to be getting a little short with the media. After being bombarded with Lundqvist questions on Monday, he asked if the media thought he was a rookie coach. Also, AV's answers  to the last two questions of his post game presser later that night sounded very Torts-like…

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