Vigneault Explains Roster Decisions

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record has Alain Vigneault's explanation for a number of the final roster decisions…

Chris Kreider:

“I thought Chris had a good camp but at the end of the day when we made the assessments who should stay here in what role we came to the conclusion that he’s a real young player and he needs to play. As much as I believe he’s real close and he probably could play at our level right now, he needs to play big minutes and good minutes and I felt with our group right now I wasn’t going to be able to give him those minutes.”

…that's actually very interesting. Makes sense that he'd rather have Kreider continuing his development in all situations with the Wolf Pack than sitting on the bench for long stretches in the NHL.

…i still feel that there should be a place for a guy with that speed and strength on the Rangers roster, but what the hell do I know.

Jesper Fast:

“When I looked at what Fast did throughout training camp I really liked his hockey smarts and skill level. And being a right hander with Ryan not there for the start, I thought it was a good fit.”

…while Fast obviously made the team because of his skill, it's amazing that the clincher for him making the roster was that he's right handed. I can see him ping ponging between the Rangers and the Wolf Pack all season.

For Fast's reaction to making the team, click here.

J.T. Miller:

“Miller just got better as camp went on and did some good things offensively. He still has a lot of work to do. He was able to put a foot in the door. We’ll see how he does in the battle to stay in the top 12 forwards.”

…top 12? He should easily be in the top 9 until Callahan and Hagelin get back.

Justin Falk:

“That was a challenging one. The player that really caught our attention, Conor Allen, wasn’t in Traverse City, didn’t catch our staff’s attention. But as soon as he stepped on the ice with us, he was good. Basically the job we had available was the seventh spot fighting to get into the top three pairs. (Allen) is a young guy. He needs to play. It’s an easy call up if we need him. Justin’s camp was all right. There’s room for improvement. He knows the situation.”

…oof, talk about backing onto the roster.

Darroll Powe:

“I would say he did everything he could do, he came to camp in shape and put his best game on ice. We felt some of those younger players had a little more upside as far as talent and skill. We’ll start that way.”

…that's a fair explanation. Still must suck for Powe who played his ass off this preseason.

Here's Vigneault's entire presser…

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