Video: Vigneault Talks Assistant Coaches, Richards & More

Here's a couple of highlights:

– A third assistant coach, who will be Vigneault's eye in the sky during the games, should be hired in the next few weeks

– Vigneault wouldn't commit on Richards being a top two center in the Rangers line-up this season.

…it really is interesting to hear Vigneault say "from what I've been told" "it's my understanding" "I think." When a new coach comes in it's amazing how little knowledge they have of their new team and its players. Torts sounded the same way during his press conference in Vancouver.

…the most surprising thing I heard from Vigneault is that the only player he's spoken to since being hired is Richards. It's been two weeks, I would have thought a few players (especially Callahan) would have reached out to him already. And vice versa, as you'd think Vigneault might want to at least say hello to his captain.

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