Video: Torts, Players Talk Cally Injury

These videos were filmed before Ryan Callahan injury news was released…

…love seeing Torts staying so positive and confident about his team despite losing Callahan.

…while I'm just as guilty as the next guy for criticizing Torts on a multitude of issues, I can say that this guy cares about the success of the Rangers organization and his players. It's why they'd run through a wall for the guy and are willing to dig down deep when he demands it. Plus he did guide the Rangers to the Conference Finals last year, so who am I to question his tactics. But I will anyway. lol

Players thoughts on Cally…

…was great to see Halpern finally contribute. If he can find his game, he can be an important piece on the penalty kill and faceoffs, which are two things that need to be successful if a team wants to contend for a Stanley Cup.

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