Video: Torts Loses It on Sam & Team After Loss to Sabres

…so Torts, tell us how you really feel. Although, nothing he said wasn't true. They did suck last night. Hate to have been in the Rangers locker room after that one.

…and what's with Torts being short with Sam? Not cool.

Here's the players…

…looked like the buzz word from the players after this one was consistency and how this team lacks any. It's been one step forward then one step right back with the Rangers all season. Just when you think they've figured it out, they come out with a stinker against a team they should pummel. Very frustrating.

…and the eighth place Rangers (28 points) better figure it out soon because the next two games vs. the ninth plave Jets (28 points) and the seventh place Devils (29 points) are huge.

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