Video: Rangers Ready to Battle Islanders, Crowd

…love hearing every player interviewed reference the crowd. Because Rangers fans usually outnumber Islanders fans at the Coliseum, I've always felt the crowds are roudier on Long Island than MSG for this rivalry. But I think it'll be closer to 50/50 tonight, meaning get ready for plenty of fireworks on and off the ice. Hope the Islanders brought in extra security, because once the alcohol starts flowing, it'll likely become mayham in the stands.

…the Rangers also need to keep their nose to the grindstone and not get caught up in what'll most definitely be one of the more electric atmospheres a lot of these guys will have played in.

…i couldn't be more pumped for this game, so I can only imagine what the players must feel like.

And don't think the expected raucous crowd isn't lost on the Islanders either…

Matt Martin (via Newsday)…

"I'm sure it'll be the loudest it's been since I've been there. It's going to be a good, physical game, the crowd will be intense. We're ready for the battle.''

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