Video: Oscar Lindberg Highlights

A lot has been said this offseason about European prospect Oscar Lindberg pushing for a roster spot in camp next month. While Rangers fans are excited about the talented center who was named MVP of the Swedish Elite League playoffs this past season, many, including myself, have never seen him play.

Well, here' s a little highlight video to familiarize yourself with him (he's #24)…

…i hate to take anything away from Lindberg, but man the goaltending in the SEL is horrific. I'd say 75% of the goals in this video would be easily gobbled up by every goaltender in the NHL not named Marc Andre-Fleury.

…back to Lindberg. Despite the embarrassing display of netminding in the video, I was shocked to see the offensive ability this guy possesses. I remember when the Rangers first acquired him, the scouting reports said that he was a defensive minded forward who could chip in the occasional offense. But the moves Lindberg displayed during the highlights where top level stuff you'd expect from an offensively dynamic forward. I know a video such as this is meant to pump his tires, but I couldn't be more excited about this kid's future after watching these clips.

…i'm rooting for Richards to figure it out this year, but I can say with confidence that he couldn't pull off 90% of what I just witnessed in that highlight film. Now that doesn't mean Lindberg is going to have instant success at the NHL level, but I can tell you with confidence that he can't be worse than what Richards offered last season.

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