Video: Giroux Elbows Stepan in the Head

During the Rangers 4-2 loss to the Flyers on Tuesday night, Derek Stepan took a dirty, cowardly elbow to the head from Claude Giroux which went virtually unnoticed around the hockey world…

Pat Leonard at the Daily News describes the aftermath of the hit…

"Giroux's hit just inside the Philadelphia blue line, on the first shift of the third period, had Stepan wobbling on the ice and aching on the bench before he returned to score and nearly complete a comeback in a 4-2 Rangers loss."

Leonard adds that the NHL did not schedule a hearing for Giroux.

…it doesn't get more disgusting than this folks. While no intentional blow to the head should be tolerated, I can understand, in the heat of the moment, when a player, looking for the big hit, comes in high and hard. But what Giroux did is completely different. His sole purpose is to injure Stepan. The puck was no where near the Rangers center and Giroux goes out of his way to target the head. And in typical Flyer fashion, instead being a man and taking on Stepan face-to-face, Giroux decides to assault him from behind. Coward.

…while I understand that officials miss calls every night, the NHL, who claims to be cracking down on this kind of garbage, should be absolutely embarrassed and ashamed that they did not discipline Giroux. Especially when the Flyers captain is a repeat offender. Shanahan typical.

…it just absolutely baffles me how the league can hand out a 25-game suspension to Raffi Torres for an overly aggressive hit on Marian Hossa, while looking the other way after Giroux does something that would get any of us arrested in a second.

Stepan, who did not participate in practice yesterday, said this about the hit (via New York Post)…

“I was a little confused at first, but it wasn’t anything serious. It took me a few seconds to get my bearings. It was almost like a ‘ding.’ ”

Stepan added that yesterday was a maintenance day for him and he was little banged up.

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