Video: AV, Players React to 6-0 Loss to Ducks

…at least AV refused to blame travel. So there's that.

…interesting to hear AV defend his system by criticizing the team for not being able to make "tape to tape" passes. And you know what, he's right. If this team can't succeed at the basics of hockey, how the hell can they properly run a system? Trust me, there's plenty to blame AV for, but it's hard to criticize the system when the players, for some reason, don't have the capacity to implement it. At this point you have to think the players are just over thinking this thing.

Here's player reaction…

…yeah, Hank looks like a guy who really wants to be here right now. Although, he's just as responsible as anyone.

…never a good thing to hear your Captain say he doesn't have an explanation.

…Brassard was more noticeable in this interview than he was on the ice. Which isn't a good thing.

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