Understanding Realignment (UPDATE)

Now that the NHL Regular Season is over, here is what this year's playoff bracket would look like under next year's new playoff format.

Ok, first to get the tiebreakers out of the way….

You may notice the absence of the New York Islanders on this bracket. That's because the Islanders at 55 points would fail to make the playoffs with the Red Wings and Sens one point ahead of them.

Detroit finshes ahead of Ottawa in the Wild Card due to Detroit's 22 ROW vs. Ottawa's 21 ROW.

As the top seed in Division D and the entire Eastern Conference, Pittsburgh would face the second place wild card Ottawa, leaving Montreal to face the Red Wings.

Second place finishers inside each division will always matchup against the third place finshers

The Rangers would not be involved in the Wild Card race because the Rangers would finish 3rd in their division and be ensured a playoff spot.

If it wasn't for the Caps comeback win on Saturday against Boston, the Rangers would've had home ice in the first round.

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