‘Trolling’ Open Thread: 7/15/13

Today's open thread topic?


Trolling. And all of its splendor.

We've seen some fine instances over the year in every walk of life, but last week the NHL was a part of it and, man, it was a classic. Let's take a look.

The ESPN Twitter feed, much like everyone else last week, was all about #Sharknado. They tweeted at the San Jose Sharks twitter handle asking when they were going to change their name from the Sharks to Sharknados.

Hilarity and quick wit ensued:

That's a social media response worthy of the LA Kings twitter handle.

But there's your topic for today — What is your favorite moment of sports trolling? The comment section is where its at. If you can't recall a nice, savory moment then tell us when you think Derek Stepan will sign, for how many years and how much money.

Stay classy, Rangerland.

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