Traverse City Tournament Will Not Be Televised or Live Streamed; No Yankee Stadium Alumni Games

Unlike when the Rangers team of prospects took the ice for the 2011 Traverse City Tournament, the MSG Network cameras will not be rolling this year according to Jim Cerny, who added that highlights of the games will be posted on the team website instead.

Cerny subsequently added that the games won't be live streamed either.

The tournament begins tomorrow. For the Rangers roster click here. For full schedule, here.

…listen, I get that televising or live streaming an event like this costs money. But are the Rangers seriously going to tell us that a "Rewind" of Lundqvist's first NHL victory is going to draw better ratings than this tournament? Plus, the last time I checked, MSG stock was up over 30% this year. So I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have bankrupted the Dolans.

…MSG's television coverage of the Traverse back in 2011 was some of the best television coverage I have seen from the network. They did an outstanding job integrating social media with their coverage and included some very interesting and educational interviews with Rangers personnel such as Gordie Clark and Mark Messier during the game action. I am legitimately depressed that we won't get a chance to experience that again.

…and my criticism isn't solely directed at MSG as the NHL Network is even more derelict in not providing pictures of this tournament to their fans who are absolutely starving for some hockey right about now. I mean, it's the least they could do for a fan base that had endure yet another lockout last season.

Speaking of things not happening, Steve Zipay at Newsday reports that there will be no alumni game for either Yankee Stadium game involving the Rangers, Islanders and Devils this season.

…to be honest, after the Rangers/Flyers Winter Classic alumni game, this really isn't a big deal for me. I also think it's something that should be unique to the Winter Classic.

…although, it would have been a great opportunity for a Blueshirt alumni to win a spot in Rangers fans' hearts for life by taking out Dennis Potvin.

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