Torts: This Year Was a Sideway Step; Almost Stepan for Nash

Yesterday, John Tortorella was a guest on the Michael Kay Radio Show (ESPN Radio) and discussed how this year, despite the Rick Nash trade, was a sideway step for the team and just because the Rangers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals didn't mean the Finals were a guarantee…

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…this was the second straight interview with Kay that Tortorella mentioned that the team underestimated the loss of Prust, Dubi, Anisimov, etc. Assuming he feels a lot better about it now that the Rangers made the moves they did at the trade deadline.

…also found it very interesting that Torts would admit that it was almost Stepan in the Nash deal instead of Anisimov. Guess they made the right decision. lol

…i've got to say, I love Torts when he's a guest with Kay. He's very candid and much more likeable than he is with the beat writers. Wish he was on more.

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