Torts, Rangers Talk 4-3 Overtime Win vs. Bruins

Via Blueshirts United:

“That (No.1) line was just outstanding, and obviously Gaby had the three goals. It was a huge win for us.”
– Henrik Lundqvist

“When our top guys are our top guys I think it gets everyone else to elevate their game and motivate themselves to be better. With those guys leading the way, we come right in behind them.”
– Dan Girardi

“I'm just trying to feed off those guys. Richie slows the game down, and Nash draws so much attention and is so strong on the puck. I play off of that.”
– Marian Gaborik

…while everyone deserves to be downright giddy about the "Welcome to the Jungle" line's game, the Rangers need to be sure they don't become a one line team (See Czech Mates). Which is why it was so encouraging to see the chemistry of the Callahan-Stepan-Pyatt line.

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