Torts: Rangers Power Play Was Paralyzed

During his post game press conference after yesterday's 1-0 overtime lose, John Tortorella was asked about his team's anemic power play…

"We're just too stagnant. We're just almost paralyzed."

…no offense Torts, but the power play has been "stagnant" and "paralyzed" since you've taken over. What we saw yesterday was no different from what we've suffered through during Torts' four full seasons with the Rangers. It's gotten so bad I'm not even focused on them scoring anymore, I'm just hoping to see some shots on goal at this point.

…different personnel have come and gone, so I refuse the blame the players. There's no movement, no traffic in front and no threat from the point. It's inexcusable for a power play with Rick Nash and Brad Richards to be this bad. Absolutely disgusting that after all the futility these years, Torts has refused to change things up. Putting in a new system in the middle of the playoffs isn't ideal, but what the Rangers are doing (or should I say not doing) obviously isn't working. Something has to change.

…when Torts is watching tape of his team's power play today, maybe he should fast forward to the part when the Capitals have the man advantage and see how it's supposed to be done. Right now tweaking the Rangers power play isn't enough. It needs radical reconstructive surgery.

The Rangers are currently being shutout on the power play (0-for-6) this series by a penalty kill unit that was 27th (77.9% success rate) in the NHL this season.

…coming into the series, we were all concerned about how the Rangers were going to stop the Capitals power play, but I guess the focus should have been on fixing their own.

…and btw, because the power play is so bad, there will not be a post today, at least not from me, about the non-delay of game call on the Caps at the end of regulation. Ask yourself this, do you really think the Rangers would have scored on the ensuing power play? Exactly.

In Torts' four full seasons with the Rangers they've gone 172-for-1024 (16.8%) on the power play or as I like to call it…terrible.

Here's video of Tortorella's entire post game press conference…

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