Torts Looks for Press Conference Help

As we all know, John Tortorella isn't the biggest fan of the post game press conference. So after being peppered by questions for over seven minutes he decided he needed some help (7:14 mark)…

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…absolutely hysterical. What's ironic is that was the most comfortable and forthcoming I've seen Torts during a post game presser since he's become the head coach of the Rangers.

…and while the reporters found it amusing, you can be assured that Torts was dead serious about wanting the questions to stop.

…thought last night was one of Torts' better coaching peformances with the Rangers. With Powe going down, he recognized the need to utilize his entire line-up, which rewarded him with some stellar play from the bottom six. And while I was screaming for Torts to split the Nash-Stepan-Cally line, he deserves a ton of credit for his patiance with the Rangers top trio. And it obviously paid off with Stepan's winner.

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