Torts: Kreider & Miller Going to Take Some People’s Jobs

After last night's 3-1 loss John Tortorella discussed the play of Chris Kreider and J.T. Miller…

"They're probably going to take some people's jobs. I'll tell you about our hockey club right now, we have some guys who are really playing hard and we have some guys who look scared and tentative. Very happy with Kreider, I thought he played well. I thought Miller was hard on the puck. Did some really good things. We'll see where we go with our line-up. I tell you right now, I'm not waiting. We have some guys who are very tentaive. Very careful. And we don't play careful hockey."

…nice Torts! I love that he put his players on notice. Their play is absolutely unacceptable and they need to start being held accountable.

…if I had to guess, I'd think Torts is talking about Boyle, Stepan and maybe even Gaborik.

Here's the video of Torts' post game presser…

Here's video of the players thoughts…

…it's scary when you can see the players are at a loss right now as well. This team has no identity. Getting close to the 1/4 pole of the season, so they need to figure it out and figure it out soon.

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