Torts Gone If Rangers Eliminated By Bruins?

Darren Dreger at TSN made some waves on the radio today when he said this about John Tortorella's future with the Rangers should his team be eliminated quickly by the Bruins…

"If the New York Rangers were to be eliminated in short order by the Boston Bruins, is there a chance John Tortorella is replaced? Yes there is a chance, absolutely. No question about it. Glen Sather made the big trade, moved Gaborik out, obviously prior to that they found a way to acquired Rick Nash, they not done yet building this team into a true Stanley Cup contender but is John Tortorella the right coach, that management group for sure will have that discussion at the end of the season, whenever the Rangers season ends."

Listen to Dreger by clicking here.

…listen, Dreger has a lot more contacts than I do (I have zero) and knows the inner workings of all the NHL organizations, but I don't buy this for a second. Yes, as we've gone over ad nauseum on this blog, Tortorella has his obvious hang-ups (power play, stubbornness, constant line changes), but am I supposed to believe the guy who guided the Rangers to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1997 last season is going to be fired because he only took the team to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals the next year? Yes, the Rangers did not live up to expectations in the regular season, but as I've said all year I think Torts deserves a pass for the team's slow start due to the lockout. Some players came back not prepared (cough, Richards, cough) and the moves that Sather made in the offseason did not gel very well in Torts' system because of the abbreviated training camp. But if you look at the success of the team since the trade deadline, that has Torts' trademark grinding style written all over it.

…and it's not like a loss to the Bruins would be so catastrophic or embarrassing. They're a good, physical team. And with the Rangers short-handed due to injuries to Staal and Clowe, it's easy to see why the Rangers could be bounced quickly.

…but if there's one thing I know about Torts, he'll have this team ready to play with their backs are against the wall. They're 4-1 in elimination games the last two years. So believe me, if this Rangers team is going down, Torts will make sure they not going down without a fight.

…btw, wonder how many Rangers fans are now rooting for the Bruins after this report. lol

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