Torts Doesn’t Have the Answers

After the Rangers latest debacle yesterday afternoon, John Tortorella was asked what needs to be done to turn this around. His answer…

"There's no specific answer I can give you."

…yikes! Was hoping to get a better answer from the captain of this sinking ship called the S.S. Rangers than that.

…how about "we need to get tough," "we need a better forecheck," "I need to open up the offense more," "I need to reunite Hags-Step-Nash." Torts not having an answer sort of scares me.

…i know everyone is ready to pull a DiPietro and drive off the Throggs Neck Bridge right now, but we Rangers fans need to take a deep breath. Torts is not getting fired, Gaborik is not getting traded and Richards is not getting bought out. Listen, I'm not trying to make excuses but the fact of the matter is the lockout threw everything out of whack for everyone. Some teams have been able to overcome it and some haven't. To me, Torts and his players were woefully unprepared to deal with the shortened camp and they've been playing catch-up ever since.

…my buddy Fleisch14 and I were talking the other day and we pretty much felt that if the Rangers aren't able to turn this season around, we're ready to give them a mulligan. I really do feel it's more than fair to use the lockout as an excuse. There is too much talent and left overs from the team that made it to the ECF to not comeback strong next year. So I really hope that Sather decides against blowing up the team and instead brings Torts back, makes some minor moves to address toughness and depth in the offseason and gives them the opportunity to show us what this team can do with a full camp and season. And if it doesn't work out, Gaborik's contract is over after next season and the Rangers can use the amnesty buyout on Richards that summer as well. Then Sather can rebuild around Nash.

Here's the rest of Tortorella's interview…

More post game reaction from the players…

…man, Lundqvist looked like he needed a hug after that one.

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