Tortorella Ready to Make Adjustments to Coaching Style in Vancouver

In his first interview since officially being named the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, John Tortorella admits that he needs to change the perception of him around the NHL…

“I think it’s come to the point with me, where I’m kind of being defined as ‘that lunatic,’ not only on the bench, but also after games with media. I don’t want to be defined that way, but I do make my own bed in that type of situation and I need to make some corrections, I need to make some adjustments in that part of it.

“I’m dealing with an older team here, as I look at the roster, I think I need to respect the older players and some of the processes they’ve gone through and make adjustments with myself as far as how I handle them.”

Tortorella added that he needs to push players in a respectable way.

…assuming Hagelin would have liked Tortorella to have had this revelation before last season started. And to be honest, while I'm glad Torts is finally seeing the error of his way, couldn't he have come to this conclusion with Sather after the season ended instead of being "overly stubborn" as the Rangers GM described it. To me it's a slap in the face as a Blueshirts fan that he's so willing to make the proper adjustments to his coaching style with another organization than with the Rangers. Despite his shortcomings, I've always been a fan of Torts and felt if he was willing to lighten up, the Rangers would be a better team for it. Instead, he got himself fired for refusing to change for Sather and now the team is implementing a brand new style of play under a new coach that may or may not take.

…and for Torts' sake, I hope this isn't lip service, because the Vancouver media will chew him up and spit him out.

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