Tortorella Expected to Get Canucks Job

TSN reports that John Tortorella is expected to be named the Vancouver Canucks' new head coach.

Tortorella arrived at Vancouver International Airport yesterday amidst reports that he is about to be named the new Canucks coach.

The Canuck's organization would not confirm the report…

"John's certainly in the mix and very strong, so we're going to finish off the process the way we designed it initially and that shouldn't take us much longer," said CM Mike Gillis.

So how's the response been in Vancouver, I think this quote from Ed Willes at The Province says is all…

"Tortorella is the kind of knee-jerk decision that other organizations make, not the Canucks. Yes, he represents a personality type diametrically opposed from his predecessor, Alain Vigneault. But he also represents a personality type diametrically opposed to Gillis's core values. He is loud and profane; narcissistic and temperamental. He is emotional to the point of irrationality. Tortorella, in fact, is so far removed from Gillis and his methods that this hire had to come from somewhere else; somewhere, and we're just spitballing here, like Canucks ownership.

And when ownership gets involved in decisions of this magnitude, it's a sure sign the organization is in a state of dysfunction."

…and Ed Willes has officially won the role of Vancouver's version of Larry Brooks. Ouch.

…just seeing this reaction from the Vancouver press has me wondering what Tortorella was thinking pursuing this job. While the New York media can be brutal, it's nothing compared to the hockey media in Vancouver. I can't wait for the YouTube videos.

…as my friend Fleisch14 said to me yesterday, Rangers/Canucks swap coaches, next year is 20th anniversary of 1994 Stanley Cup, the script is already starting to write itself. Could you imagine?

In other coaching news, Lindy Ruff was named head coach of the Dallas Stars, while Dave Tippett signed a five-year extension with the Coyotes.

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